Interaction PROGRAM MLS - Supply Chain Management

25th January, 2016

Interaction Program on Supply Chain Management is being organized on January 31, 2016. Individuals and institutions are invited to participate/ nominate candidates for the interaction program and requested to register.

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Study for the Loss/damage caused by unrest

17th December, 2015

CNI is conducting a survey to find out the loss/damage caused by current unrest.
CNI has to submit this survey report to the Vice Chairman of National Planning Commission and other Government Officials.

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Terms of References (ToR) for Go International Project Evaluation

22nd November, 2015

Go International Project is going to hire a consultant to conduct Final Project Evaluation to be completed within stipulated time. Terms of reference (ToR) is as

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CNI Amendment to Notice for NPCM Training Programme

15th September, 2015

This notification is regarding the amendments to the notice for NPCM training programme to be held in Osaka, Japan on 7th – 20th January, 2016.

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