Quotation for Laptop and Printer

(First Date of Publication: 04/04/2021)
CNI ELMS LMI Unit under ELMS project (Supported by Dakchyata and Managed by British Council) call for quotation from valid vendors for purchase of 2 Laptops and 2 Printers. So, we request you to send us your sealed bid quotation for Laptops. The last date of submission of sealed bid quotation is 7th April 2021. The minimum documents to be provided for sealed bid evaluation are: 
a. Signed and Stamped Quotation
b. Latest Tax clearance documents (or IRD documents like Date of Extension for Filing or Nissa)
b. Company/ Firm Registration documents 
c. PAN document 
d. The Documents must be sealed in an Official Envelop of the Firm/Company or in a plain envelop with a stamp of Firm/Company.
The Minimum specifications for the laptops are as follows:
Processor: Intel Core i5
Ram: 8 Gb
Windows 10 Genuine  
Screen Size: 14 inch 
Display:Full HD LED Display
Graphics: Intel Integrated or Rayzen Graphics or Nvidia or Radeon any other of similar nature 
Storage:256 GB SSD
The minimum specifications for the printers are as follows:
Function: Multifunction 3 in  1(Print, Scan, Photocopy)
Type: Laser Printer
Connection: Minimum USB Connection (wireless will be preferred)
Power: 1200 W
Minimum Toner Volume:3000 pages