Message from the President


Dear friends, my colleague entrepreneurs,
The recently concluded 16th AGM of CNI (April 8, 2019) marked the next phase in CNI’s journey to explore the next frontier, with the new leadership. Subsequently the newly elected office bearers have shared a broad perspective on areas of focus for CNI, and how they will continue CNI’s 17 years long legacy to strengthen Nepal’s Industrial Sector and promote investment friendly environment in the country.

Nepalese economy continues to face significant headwinds with challenges such as high cost of doing business, old and business unfriendly legal provision and an overall deteriorating investment climate. The new leadership emphasizes CNI's continued focus on bringing a positive change in legal reforms and implementation, socio-economic impact to the country, through revitalizing and strengthening the industrial sector of Nepal.

While there is still a lot of work to be done on existing CNI’s projects such as Center for Industrial Excellence, Legal reforms, Sick Industry Rehabilitation and management, Hydro-power, expediting Infrastructure to contribute in economic growth etc. CNI will also need to address new opportunities and challenges that are before the economy today. As country strengthens the Federal structure it is imperative that an Economic Model which equally complements this massive change is developed. CNI will continue to focus on all such areas as well as our long-standing focus on promoting Nepalese exports, import management and attracting Foreign Direct Investment etc.

We all have learnt that no single institution, political party or sector can work in isolation to drive economic change. CNI recognizes this and will look to work even closer with the Government, Political Parties, Private Sector, Civil Society, Development Partners and all such stakeholders who share a common goal and vision to have a "Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali", wherein this prosperity reaches across the country to all our citizens.

CNI also focus in utilizing the immense knowledge and experience of its Eminent Persons' Council (Think Tank) in achieving the National Goal.

Thank You,


Satish Kumar More