CNI Policies

The primary goal of CNI is to encourage positive competition and competent management, secure domestic and foreign investment, and create employment opportunities in Nepal’s industrial and corporate sector. To achieve this mission, CNI is working towards the following:

To act as a ‘Think Tank’ for the management and development of the economic and industrial sector of Nepal and to be recognized as the key catalyst in mobilizing the value of the private sector.

To raise the efficiency of the Nepalese private sector to international levels and to be recognized as the leader in providing value added business support services and trade facilitation for competitiveness and quality enhancement. 

To create, protect and promote a suitable environment for investment in the industrial and services sectors of Nepal and to provide necessary services for the establishment and development of institutions.

To give necessary recommendations and help to different government bodies and agencies on topics related to industrial or occupational policies, rules and regulations or the improvements required for investment opportunities.

To take appropriate action to achieve the nation's social aims by ensuring that professional organizations were accountable, show integrity and high standards of quality.

To offer advice, suggestions and to coordinate with relevant bodies for necessary changes in the existing policies and laws in order to create a conducive environment for investment and to attempt to bring extensive and latest improvements on duties and activities to raise the national economy according to the needs of time.

To maintain relationships between national and international organizations of similar nature and objectives by helping to create an environment of cooperation and coordination between groups and organizations that serve Nepalese institutions and different government organizations.

To develop human resources, build cooperation between organizations and environmental conservationists and to ensure quality products are provided to consumers.

To develop a team of professionals at CNI with competence and commitment to promote national and membership interests and to formulate necessary rules and regulations, within the framework of the Constitution, in order to regulate the activities of the Confederation.

To be financially self-reliant by expanding the membership base and introducing new services and to obtain permits to open its chapters, contact offices and branches throughout the Kingdom of Nepal.

To build a relationship of cooperation and mutual support for the promotion and development of bilateral, regional and international trade and investment and to share experiences and views among national, regional, and international organizations. 

To maintain harmonious relations both at the regional and the national levels among industrial organizations and production priorities and to study possibilities for areas of investment within the country and abroad.

To offer and receive assistance and to conduct visits of delegations.

Our Strategy

The tasks that the CNI has charted out for itself are
•  Proper representation of the manufacturing and services industries in Nepal
•  Provide meaningful policy inputs to the government
•  Act as a harbinger of global change in Nepal
•  Create an industrial environment conducive to domestic and foreign investment

Our Functions

The functions of CNI include
•  Working closely with the government on policy issues
•  Enhancing efficiency and competitiveness of Nepalese industries
•  Creating opportunities for industrial growth through specialized services and global linkages
•  Acting as platform of consensus building and networking