The Industry Status Report (ISR)

The Industry Status Report (ISR) provides a comprehensive analysis on the state of various industries in Nepal, leveraging an in-house industry survey. The absence of periodically available primary data on Nepali industries, either with the Government of Nepal or with private sector associations, has hindered targeted policy interventions. This report was produced as an effort to let the data speak for itself and promote evidence-driven policymaking. The survey will be carried out on a quarterly basis to tease out changes across critical variables that either promote or stifle growth in industries.
The First ISR
The First ISR is based on a survey of 47 industries. It was carried out from August 9 to September 17, 2021 and collects the information on the fourth quarter of the Fiscal Year 2077/78 i.e. Baisakh-Asar of 2078. 
Apart from the quarterly survey, each ISR will also cover one industry sector in depth. This edition focuses on the energy sector as  Energy is a major input for industries; Nepal has a comparative advantage in this sector; and the transition from carbon-based to clean energy is critical in the country’s efforts to adapt to climate change.
You can read the first ISR in issue here or you may click picture to read pdf.