Member Service

CNI Member Service Cell 
Confederation of Nepalese Industries–CNI has been continuously helping its member manufacturing and service industries in evolving and adapting to a rapidly changing political-economic landscape in the country. It works closely with Government and related agencies on policy issues and industrial development matters. It offers member industries with a wide range of specialized services in order to enhance efficiency; build competitiveness and expand opportunities. 
We understand that our members need support during challenging times in their respective industries and policy related areas. So, we will be offering exclusive members services under newly formed "Membership Cell" to cover special member's concerns and issues. These services are available to anyone who has been a member of the Confederation of Nepalese Industries –CNI. 
Initial Support 
  1. 1. Organize a solving mechanism for members specific issues and concerns. 
  2. 2. Suggestions, ideas and inputs. 
  3. 3. Members' updated contact details. 
Services and format of Solutions: 
  1. 1. Issues and problems submission in digital and written format 
  2. 2. Registration of the submitted issues and concerns 
  3. 3. Discussion of registered issues with experts and specialized committee of CNI. 
  4. 4. Discussed issues will then be submitted to the respective Government agencies. You can accompany with us at Government and related agency. 
  5. 5. Finally, we will share possible solutions and with logical conclusions with you.
For Additional information please contact
CNI Member Service Cell
Phone: 5111122, 5111123