Clearing Cargo and containers from ICP Birgunj

Respect Members,

In the present situation of lockdown due to the threat posed by the spread of COVID-19 some of the containers cargo are detained in the ICP Birgunj because either the owner of Cargo are confused or find difficult to transport Containers in the destination.
We are aware that the Government is working towards the smooth supplying of goods and has assured to facilitate the smooth movement of Cargo Containers from Birgunj to respective destinations. In this context the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies has assured to provide support related to Custom, Bank, Security and escorting facilitates.
CNI in this background, would like to request all concerns owners of Cargo-Containers or importers  for clearance of the containers from ICP Birgunj so that it could be maintained proper lines in ICP.
In addition, Indian Government also has decided to escape the detention charge in the port if containers are staying in different ports of India only for this crisis situation. MSC shall extend free time on detention charges for all MSC Import Boxes lying un-cleared from March 25th till April 7th 2020 (both days inclusive). 
Yadav Prasad Poudyal
Director General
Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI)